About me

Hello and welcome to my web site. If you reached here then you’re probably interested in taking care of your health

when I first bought my organic lipstick I felt I made a very big step twards cleaning my everyday environment and reducing the amount of toxics I literally put into my mouth.

A little story about me and how I started looking into ingredients’ list.

My name is Hagit. I am a 48 single mother to my daughter I work as a programming developer and we live in Israel. At the age of 42 I lost my hormonal balance which caused me a great fatigue and irritability. This was when I understood I had to change my lifestyle meaning better nutrition and less harmful chemicals around me and my daughter.

I started reading about the Ingredients and allergens hiding in our makeup products like lead, parabens, gluten and more. Have to admit that of all cosmetic products I realy love my lipsticks and I still remeber the day I opened my makup bag, took out more then ten lipstick pencils and happily put them in the bin.

I googled the net trying to fing nontoxic lipstick and made an order of 4 pices from an american web site. I had to pay 40$ delivery and wait two weeks for it to get to my door but it was worth the effort and I fell in love with those quality products knowing it allows me to keep my health while using them. ever since I insist on using toxic free deoddorants, body and facial cream, soaps & shampoos etc. for both me and my daughter.

My Goal

I wanted to have this site in order for those who are looking for organic products, my goal is to gather here viable information on the necessity of
using toxic free products and recommend organic products and companies.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,