What Makes this Shampoo so Special?

To put it simply: Root Vitals shampoo for fuller stronger hair will change your life!


We've perfected the exact blend of oils needed to rejuvenate brittle hair. Through a combination of the latest Western science and the ancient wisdom of Chinese Qi-Gong, we've created a powerful cocktail of natural ingredients. This works to a standard that artificial products fail to achieve.

Hair is naturally beautiful. This 5-oil blend is specially designed to help this natural beauty shine through. In even the toughest conditions, these oils keep your hair hydrated and your roots healthier and stronger than ever.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to beauty. Mother Nature is life-giving and rather than work against her, we work with her to restore the beauty that naturally exists within you.

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself and see it - risk-free! You'll never need to switch shampoos again. Let nature refresh, rejuvenate, and revitalize even the most damaged hair.

Our shampoo is cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and made in the USA. Ditch the guilt and feel beautiful again with these life-giving all-natural hair products.


Our proprietary essential oil blend in our natural shampoo is all about the function of beauty. Here’s a closer look at our formula.


~ A Healthier Life ~

Revitalizing Your Hair And Your Life

If your hair is brittle, you don’t just want something that will help fight this; your ultimate goal is to strengthen your hair, give it that rich, lush, thickening volume that makes you look better, and feed your head with nutrients that will improve your health and make you feel great!

Artificial shampoos, as most of us know, use harsh and hostile chemicals which can wholly counteract any benefits they might have. And other all-natural shampoos lack this unique and critical blend of 5 oils which are as necessary for your scalp as air is for your body.

Plus, Root Vital is also simply one of the best shampoos you will ever try. Because we know it’s not just about the powerful healthy forces which strengthen, revitalize, and protect your hair; it’s also about the comfort, great scent, and real refreshing sensation you get from a fantastic shampoo experience.

Try Root Vitals! Feel free to read more about our blend of oils, our commitment to your health, or the shampoo itself. And you can get your first bottle right here. 

Natural Ingredients

Our products set themselves apart from the rest by only including the best ingredients for healthy hair.

High Quality

All our products are made with the high quality standards. Only the Best products for you and your family.

Customers are #1.

We love hearing your thoughts and ideas on what products we can create, and how to improve.  

Made in USA

We proudly design and manufacture our products in USA and using only the best sourced ingredients.

Fast Shipping

We offer fast shipping and returns on all orders. We stand by our quality and want to be sure you love your product.


Root Vitals is obsessed with understanding the nature of the human body. Our aim is to get the root of how to make you feel more animated and excited to be alive!

We believe that this is best achieved through the use of pure, natural, and organic products. That's the philosophy behind our shampoo for fuller stronger hair.

Try your Natural Vital Hair Growth Shampoo

Voluminize your hair. Improve how you feel and look.

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